Are Unpaid Receivables Clogging Your Cash Flow?

  • Effective Receivables provides affordable management and consulting services in accounts receivable.
  • We help small & medium size businesses that invoice their customers and have too many accounts in arrears.
  • How Can We Help Your Business?

  • Boost payment outcomes with a hands-on cost-effective and measurable A/R service program based on best-practices and risk mitigation.
  • Improve in-house cash-recovery skills with pinpoint coaching in credit policies, receivables procedures and customer attitude.

Don't let pastdue accounts and uncooperative customers compromise your company's profitability. Relieve that pastdue pain. Get receivables help from "ER". Start here.

How It Works

1. We investigate

We investigate and diagnose a supplier's pastdue situation and the policy-and-procedure shortcomings that contribute to the problem.

2. We inform

We inform customers with arrears that the time to pay has now come. And we stay on the case until payment arrives.

3. We negotiate

We negotiate the terms and conditions of payment in a businesslike manner that supports and extends the supplier-client relationship.

4. We secure the payment

Promises are one thing; payment is another. We ensure that a customer's promise to pay is actually fulfilled. Money in the right bank account at last! Your bank account!

About Us

Effective Receivables helps "B2B" companies improve their cash flow with effective supervision of their receivables, and we've been doing exactly that for over 25 years for businesses just like yours.

Your company has to get paid for the goods and services it's provided on credit. But sometimes payment doesn't happen. That's when you reach out for expert help. If you have a plumbing problem, you call a plumber. If you have a receivables problem, contact Effective Receivables. ER fixes cash blockages.

ER is not a collection agency, does not use collector methods and does not operate on a contingency model for payment; we do not take percentages of payments secured on your behalf. ER is an affordable fee-for-service consultancy committed to maintaining positive, payment-producing relationships with your customers.

Where's Our Cash?!

Stu Woolley is the owner/operator of Effective Receivables and the author of "Where's Our Cash?!" This book reveals why accounts receivable management matters to the daily health and very survival of your profit-seeking business. Click here to learn more.

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Receivables pain hurts! Don't let it damage your company's stability. Relieve that pastdue pain. Get receivables help from "ER". Start here.