President of a sameday courier company

As a small business owner, I appreciate intelligence, efficiency and results. Stu Woolley grasped a complicated and delicate situation, offered my non-paying customer irrefutable facts, and obtained full payment in a few interactions. Bravo and thank you, Effective Receivables!

Owner of physiotherapy clinics

Effective Receivables acted on our behalf in securing a long overdue payment from an auto insurance company. Stu Woolley performed his duties in a very professional manner and had complete success in obtaining full payment. We recommend him highly.

National account manager at a major collection agency

Suppliers need to understand when it is time to stop chasing their uncooperative customers and turn them over to a reputable collection agency. Focus must always be placed on those that can be truly described as “customers” – good customers. By definition, good customers are the ones that pay their bills in a timely basis. Effective Receivables understands this and knows how and when to take action on behalf of its clients. Stu Woolley has facilitated many, many successful collection procedures by matching up those that have true collection needs with our professional collection services.

CEO of a web design house

Effective Receivables is amazing to work with. With their guidance and support we were able to reduce our AR balances by 85% overall and 93% at > 120 days. Freeing up money locked in receivables has allowed us to grow even faster and provide better value to our customers.

CEO of a business services firm

My standard advice to entrepreneurs is: “Cash is King!” When a business realizes a cash surplus, a world of options materializes. Accounts Receivable can represent major element in business cash flow. Delinquent accounts can require a large amount of attention to bring about remedial action. This time can always be better spent building and operating and marketing one’s business. When accounts receivable need attention, I would highly recommend enlisting Effective Receivables to assist you in your efforts. You will be the beneficiary of a professional realty-based and results-oriented entity which will treat all your business clients with respect and work very diligently to achieve your cash flow expectations.

President of preform concrete and rebar companies

Fabulous! I wish I could always get that good a return on investment. ER’s efforts could be used as a definition for perseverance.

Controller at a plumbing & heating company

With a highly successful and rapidly growing business, the importance of keeping our receivables current is key. Effective Receivables has created a process to achieve this goal.

Chamber of Commerce President

Getting paid — and on time – I what is what Effective Receivables is all about. ER is an invaluable asset to businesses looking for the right answers for receivables.

An entrepreneurship consultant

One of the major problems business owners experience is cash flow, and one of the major contributors to cash flow is accounts receivable management. Effective Receivables’ extensive A/R management experience and its results-based approach are a welcome addition to the business owner’s toolbox.